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Customs Law

Proceedings for infringements.
Assessment (under-billing, preventive values, etc.).
Tax duplicity.
Export and import rights' objections.
Custom tariff classifications.
Recovery of refunds and other export incentives.
Free Customs Zones.
Preventive counseling, Written Opinions.
Handling paperwork and acting as correspondents before the several customs' offices in the country.

Foreign Trade

Subsidies and Countervailing Measures.
International contracts and agreements (sales contracts, transport and others).

White Collar Crime

Foreign Exchange Criminal Law.
Tax Criminal Law .
Intellectual Property Crimes.
Environmental Crimes.

Criminal Law

Crimes against individuals.
Crimes against Property (embezzlements, frauds, etc.)
IT Crimes.
Advice in Corporate Investigations.


MERCOSUR Legal Regime.
Free circulation of Goods – products technical requirements.
Advisory opinion . Permanent Review Tribunal.
Correspondents in other member Estates.
Preventive Advice. Legal opinions.
Filings at State Parties and MERCOSUR offices.
Organization of MERCOSUR courses and conferences.